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It’s time to take the crown off

Back to the Princess and her Prince Charming and the honeymoon. When we left our happy couple, the Prince was doing his Princely duty and making sure his happy bride was kept safe (Prince Charming Steps In).

As you might have noticed from the wedding pictures, the Princess wore a crown (she called it a tiara, but it’s still a crown) all through the wedding and the reception. She always wears a crown (sometimes it’s a virtual crown) everywhere she goes. Watch her walk sometimes, you can just see that a crown is supposed to be on her head.

Along with telling the Disney Cast Member that the Princess was getting too much attention, I think he pulled the Princess aside and made her take off her crown. He denies it (as he should), she didn’t say anything about it, but I’m sure that’s what happened. That’s the only reason to explain the last couple of days of the honeymoon.

OK, Dad, you’ve teased this enough. Just what did happen the last 2 days of the trip?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Right after Prince Charming told Cast Member to back off and the Princess “it’s time to take the crown off”, all the extras, all the special treatment, all the gifts … they all just stopped.

On Thursday, the kids visited the Magic Kingdom. While it was magical and they had a ball, there were no big stories. No special gifts. No notice by Cast Members. It was just normal (not that anything the Princess does is normal). The next morning when it was time to go home, they boarded the Magical Express bus and went to the airport.

They got to the airport, they rode the airplane, they drove home, nothing special. Just a normal trip home. Kinda disappointing if you ask me. I’ve been digging, I’ve been making phone calls, I’ve tried, but I can’t find anything special the kids experienced over their last 48 hours.

The Prince is good. (He denies his part in this, but Dad knows.)

I’m sorry you had to wait for this. I should have finished it yesterday, but the news of the day kinda bummed me out. Tomorrow, I’ll pay tribute to Steve Jobs, the Walt Disney or our time.

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