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I’ve never had the chance to eat at Tortuga Tavern!

by Heather Morgan
(Rockland, MA)

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Do you know when Tortuga Tavern is open? We’ve been during off-season (Nov-Dec and Jan-Feb) and we’ve also been in August (almost every other year). We have NEVER eaten there because it’s always closed! We saw they changed the menu, so we know that it must be open at some point, but when?

Tortuga Tavern

The seldom open Tortuga Tavern – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s your guess is as good as mine Answer


What a great question. I’m not sure I have a good answer to it, because, like you, I’ve never seen it open either.

It’s not only Tortuga Tavern, it’s Tomorrowland Terrace, the “seasonal restaurants” in the Magic Kingdom. Neither one of them have ever been open when we’ve been there over the last few years.

Like you, we don’t go into the summer or Christmas week, but we’ve been there during Jersey Week and the week before Christmas and it wasn’t open.

The new menu does look pretty good. Dad likes barbecue.

OK, so when is a “seasonal restaurant” open? Pretty much during the summer and Christmas Week and that’s about it. I think Tortuga Tavern was open for a couple of weeks in October when the launched the new menu, but my guess is it’s closed again now.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Heather, maybe some day we’ll both get to eat at Tortuga Tavern, but I doubt it. I’m not sure why Disney hypes it and Tomorrowland Terrace so much since they’re never open…

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Jul 27, 2016 Tortuga Tavern
by: Jim H

We have been there a few times through June and July and it wasn’t open. We did eat there once and loved the offerings. We asked a cast member just yesterday at Columbia House restaurant if it was open and he said we needed a reservation. I’m not sure he even knew what we were talking about. So we walked over to check and they were out pillaging and plundering. It is a great place to eat though.

Nov 17, 2015 Thank you Dad!
by: Heather Morgan

Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen it open! The new menu has me very excited. When I go this coming Aug in 2016 (the last part of the month) I will take a peek to see if it’s open. I will be sure to report back to you if it is!

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