January or May at Walt Disney World?

January or May at Walt Disney World?

by Chantel
(Fort Wayne, IN USA)


I am looking to taking my son back to Disney World for his fourth birthday. I'm having an issue to do it the end of April or the beginning of May or do it in the end of January. I've looked onsite for different options, but still unsure the price difference between the value season. What is your opinion? We will return again down the road, but looking for the cheaper option.

Thank you.

Mickey topiary at the Flower and Garden Festival

In April and May you can see the Flower and Garden Festival - Photo by Wayne Wood

Chantel, typically, January after Martin Luther King holiday week, has the lowest price of the year. That's when you get the biggest discounts. That's when the prices are the lowest.

Dad's January Disney World Crowds page

The end of April and the first of May are good. That's after all of the spring break crowds. The prices, while they're still value prices, they're just a little bit higher than January. Not a lot, but a little bit.

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April and May is also during the time of the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. If you enjoy flowers, good music and food, you might want to consider going in April/May. It might be worth the extra money.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Can you get a better deal in April? Sometimes. Typically January is the cheaper time to go. Is it a lot cheaper? No. It's kind of one of those they're both value times, but January is typically just a little cheaper. I hope that answers your question.

I'd also recommend you give our partners at Destinations to Travel a shout and let them help you figure this out. That's one of their services. Working with you to find the best deal.

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May 29, 2017
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your input! I think we are going to do end of January this time and next time may do May. Thank you!!

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