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Jedi Training Academy and Slinky Dog Dash

by Bat

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“Hello. My plan was to rope drop Slinky Dog Dash. . My daughter is now interested in Jedi Training. How do I attempt both?

If my daughter and I head to Jedi Training Academy to sign up and my husband head to Slinky Dog Dash, will we be able to catch up with him in time to join him and ride Slinky Dog? Suggestions on how to accomplish both?”

Not as bad as it used to be

Learning how to use a Light Saber at Jedi Training Academy

Learning to handle a Light Saber is really cool – Photo by PICTAKER


In the immortal words of Bobby McFerrin…

Don’t worry, be happy

The morning rush to sign up for Jedi Training Academy is not as bad as it used to be before Toy Story Land opened. There are reports from last summer (July) of people signing up for Jedi Training Academy in the afternoon and slots were available.

No line jumping

There's really not any place to line jump at Slinky Dog Dash

Line Jumping is not practical at Slinky Dog – Photo by Brett Svsnson

I don’t think you and your daughter going to the Jedi Training Academy sign up then trying to catch up with your husband at Slinky Dog Dash is a good idea. There’s no good way to join him in line except to push your way through and that’s not a good idea.

Line jumping is never a good idea unless it’s for something like an emergency bathroom run after you are already in line. Joining someone after they are already in line is kind of rude.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Bat, I think you’ll be fine rushing to Slinky Dog Dash as soon as the park opens, then heading back to sign up for Jedi Training Academy. Keep everyone together for Slinky Dog and have a good time.


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Comments for

Feb 23, 2019 Make breakfast reservations!
by: Anonymous

The last time we went (just last year), we made breakfast reservations at Hollywood and Dine, which there were times available before the park even opened. When I checked in at the booth, I mentioned something about wanting to sign up for Jedi training and they allowed me to go right over with my two oldest kids to sign up! And the park still hadn’t opened yet! Hollywood and Vine is a buffet so you can eat at your pace and still make it over to Slinky Dog!

Feb 23, 2019 Line jumpers
by: Ferg

There’s nothing worse than a group of 6 teenagers wearing military sized backpacks pushing through the line like there in combat training, just to get in line with there friends who have already been in line for an hour!

Feb 22, 2019 Agree – courtesy for everyone!
by: Anonymous

We so very much agree, we all have to wait.

There could also be some in line that could raise quite a “ruckus” if you cut in while everyone else waited.
Don’t do the HOLD MY SPOT ….

Feb 22, 2019 Jedi training
by: Anonymous

In November my grandson signed up around 1:00 and got in for the 5:00 training.

Feb 22, 2019 jedi
by: mic nord

My four and seven year old kids were split. 7 year old boy did it after his 4 year old sister signed up. Turned out to be her favorite thing at studios. On second day back, it was all she wanted to do, even better as she fought Darth Vader second day, and Kylo Ren the first time.

We found more shows available so not a problem signing up after rope drop. just might have trouble picking a slot that works for other plans you have, food and FP. Slinky dog with no line is better than Jedi sign up. It will all work out!

Feb 22, 2019 You can do both!
by: Amber

We were at Disney right before Christmas and walked by the Jedi Training sign up area in the afternoon and there were still slots available. My daughter signed up and had a great time! I’m sure you will be able to get both accomplished!

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