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July versus September Crowds at Walt Disney World


by Lesley


This one’s from Lesley. Lesley says, “I’ve been to Disney several times during the summer, but this time we are going the second week of September. I’ve heard that lines are shorter …” yeah, “… but is it possible to get an idea of how much shorter? I know it’s not exact. I’m just excited to go when it might not be so busy. Thanks.”


An empty Walt Disney World bus is pretty typical of September

In September the buses are pretty empty – Photo by Judd Helms


Lesley, you are in for a treat! You’re not going to believe the difference between September and July, or summer. It’s just crazy. Let’s just do a comparison. Look at the July Disney World crowd calendars.


Dad’s September Disney World Crowds page


Look at that calendar. You’ll see reds and oranges and blacks. Those are busy colors. Those are heavy, wall to wall, and crazy crowds. There’s even, July 4th, there’s even a day of crazy crowds. That’s just summer is pretty much all of that.


August kind of slows down a little bit, early June can be a little different, but for the most part summer is busy. It’s the busiest time of the year at Walt Disney World of a season.


September, just the opposite. Look at the September Disney World crowd pages.


Dad’s September Disney World Crowds page


Click on that and look at the September crowds. They’re just nonexistent. You see the greens and the blues, maybe just a titch of orange, but mostly green and blue. Light to moderate crowds all through September.


So what does that mean line wise? Let’s say in the summer the average line is an hour. I don’t know if that’s right, but let’s just say for comparison purposes. If the average line is an hour in the summer, in September it’s 15 minutes, maybe not even that much. That’s the difference. An hour, and fifteen minutes.


The Princess, she went to Walt Disney World on her honeymoon, She got married on 9/10/11, so yeah, it was that second week of September. There was nobody there. They didn’t wait in line for any rides. I think the longest they waited was 15 minutes for any ride at the park.


September is a great time to visit Walt Disney World.



Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s bottom line, you’re just going to love it. It’s just going to be so peaceful and quiet and gentle. The Food and Wine Festival will be going on at EPCOT. It’s just a really, really nice time to visit. You might never go back in the summer after this one. I hope that helps, Lesley!


disney world parks

disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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