June or August, which is better?

Just found your wonderful website and wanted more information on weather. We need to travel during school vacations. As someone who is affected by heat and humidity, would you recommend an early summer or late summer trip (say, June 8-15, 2013, or August 4-10 or August 11-17, 2013)? Thank you!

June is Star Wars Weekends

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Dad’s no contest Answer

Summer weather in Orlando is very predictable. It will be hot and humid, it will rain in the afternoon and the evenings will be pretty nice (normally).

I certainly understand being affected by heat and humidity. Mrs. Mom and I both struggled with the weather when we went in October. It was hotter than normal and we certainly felt it.

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We have made trips to Walt Disney World both in early June and in early August. This one is no contest. June can still be springish but August is the dog days of summer. August is always pretty unbearable.

If you look at average charts, June and August look pretty close. August is consistently a couple of degrees warmer. That may not sound like a lot, but in our experience, it feels like a lot.


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In fact, the second week of June (the week you’ve picked) comes in #3 on Dad’s list of the top 5 weeks to visit Disney World.

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Don’t forget, you can see Star Wars Weekend in June so if you’re a Star Wars fan this is a great time to visit.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Going strictly by temperatures, June is a better choice for a time to visit Disney World. Going by any other measure I can think of June wins too. I think we have a winner.

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