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June or August

Temple, PA


We go to Disney a lot, but have always been lucky to go in the fall or winter. Now that I am teacher, we are forced to go during the summer. My husband and I have differing views and I am hoping your expertise will help.


Currently we are looking at an 8 day stay either June 15th – 22nd or August 7th-14th. I know August weather is worse, but any ideas on crowds? August works better for us logistically speaking, but I am willing to go in June if it is going to be much better! We are staying at Caribbean Beach Resort in a building closest to pool and Skyliner.


Thanks so much for your input!

Dad’s Answer

The Disney Skyliner is a great way to get around from the Caribbean Beach Resort

I love how easy it is to use the Skyliner from the Caribbean Beach Resort – photo by Courtney Reynolds


This is one of those 6 of one, half dozen of the other choices. Crowd wise, there’s not a lot of difference. You’ll find moderate to heavy crowds pretty much every day. Weekends will be busier. If you were going a week earlier or a week later crowds would be less.

Dad’s June Disney World Crowds
Dad’s August Disney World Crowds

I’d lean toward June, just because the temperatures will be lower (normally) and the chances of a daily monsoon will be less. The other thing I would look at is discounts. They will be coming out any day now for the summer, so I look to see which time is cheaper.

I would highly recommend you get in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel. They can give you more data about prices and can help you with the discounts when they come out. They’ll actually get up early and deal with the discount mess so you don’t have too. (Believe me it’s a big mess.)

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Dad’s Bottom Line

The real answer is, which ever works better for you, June or August. Flip a coin. I’d lean toward June, but it’s a really small lean.


disney world parks

disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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  1. We have done both. Believe me you want to go in June! You can not believe the humidity in August. I’m talking taking two showers a day hot! We are from Oklahoma and thought we could handle it. Never again!

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