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Just a short walk to the Magic Kingdom

The Contemporary Resort. It’s a wonderful place. The monorail running through the middle. Chef Mickey’s. Bay Lake Towers. The view of the Magic Kingdom. The Contemporary is a really special place and it’s just a short, easy walk to the Magic Kingdom.

The monorail at the Magic Kingdom with the Contemporary Resort in the background

It looks so close – Photo by Jeff_B.

Yeah, a short, easy walk to the Magic Kingdom. That’s what all the literature says. I just reviewed some of the things I’ve written …

  • a 5 minute walk
  • you can comfortably walk
  • walk in just a couple of minutes
  • just a short walk

Lucy you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

On day 2 of the Palooza, we took that “short walk” from the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom. We had just checked in to the Bay Lake Towers (the check-in desk is at the Contemporary) and headed for the Magic Kingdom. Mrs. Mom wanted to take the monorail but no, not Dad. “It’s just a short walk to the Magic Kingdom.” That’s what I said. Besides, the resort monorail has to go all the way around stop at the TTC, the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian before we’d get to the Magic Kingdom and we’re already 2 hours late.

So we walked. “A short, easy 5 minute walk.”

When someone says “you can always just walk, it’s not that far” when you are at Disney World remind them … On an average day you walk over 5 miles at Disney World. There is no such thing as a short walk at WDW. The “short” walk from the front of EPCOT to the back of EPCOT is over a mile.

That short, easy walk turned in to a long, hot, torturous, hot, sweaty, hot walk. It took about 15 minutes but it seemed like 15 hours. It was about 1,000 degrees outside (only about 80, but the humidity was 80 too) and it was really hot.

Unless you are young, energetic and can walk 100 miles per day I wouldn’t recommend the walk from the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom. If you have any physical ailments don’t try it.

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  2. I agree that the “short” walk can be tiring. However, we typically walked it first thing in the morning. And after fireworks, the walk took far less time than standing in line for other modes of transportation.

  3. We are in our 60’s and probably not in what you might call “peak condition” (survivors of heart attack, stroke and brain injury!). We love the walk from our home resort at Bay Lake Tower first thing in the morning. We have done it so many times and our average is 8 minutes. When we exit the park, we usually take a minute to evaluate the line for the monorail. If the line is too long we usually walk back to BLT. So, for us the trip “to” is probably 90% and the trip “back” is probably 50% of the time.

  4. We walked from MK to the Contempory to catch an Uber instead of waiting for an hour for a seat on the resort bus. We were “home” in 35 minutes. This included the walk, the wait for Uber, and the drive to our resort. The walk to Contempory is a small hike (especially at the end of the night), but it’s not super far even with small children.

  5. Amped up security is now in place in Contemporary. They didnt open monorail until 30 min before park open. We walked, got frisked along sidewalk and were first in line at open. Do the walk. The 1st monorail peeps were well behind the crowd who walked. We were there the week before Easter so crowd size was crazy! We also used Uber to get to EPCOT and AK…1st in line was worth $10!

  6. I am 50 years old and made the walk more times than I can count and I am not in great shape by any means. It is one of the nicest things about staying at Bay Lake Tower. I like the monorail a lot but it has not been as consistent or as fast as it was in years past. Being able to walk back from the Magic Kingdom is a blessing! It’s even more tiring to stand in a long bus or monorail line and watch 2 or 3 trains go by before you get on. By that time, you could walk back to the resort and be out of the shower and in bed.

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