Katsura Grill

Katsura Grill is named for the Katsura Imperial Village located outside of Kyoto, Japan, which is famed for it’s gardens and architecture. As with most quick service locations in EPCOT, it serves food well beyond the standard burgers-and-fries fare you’d expect in a theme park. The authentic flavours of Japan served here are well worth a trip!

Katsura Grill occupies the space formerly known as Yakitori House. Some menu favourites have been brought back and many new ones have been added. The remodel was complete in December 2011, complete with modern furnishings and a more “zen” feel. In addition to the interior space, there is a beautiful and relaxing outdoor patio tucked away from the hustle and bustle of EPCOT, complete with Japanese style rockwork and a koi pond!


The restaurant is open from noon till nine pm.


Prices range from $3.28 for a miso soup or $3.99 for Edamame, all the way up to $12.99 for a spicey tuna roll with tsukenemen salad.

The Menu

The menu at Katsura Grill is very basic – but tasty! The same menu is served all day long.


  • California Roll
  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • tokyo Sushi Sampler
  • Sushi Combos – freshly made sushi rolls served with a refreshing Japanese Cold Noodle Salad
  • California Roll and Tsukemen Salad
  • Spicy Tuna Roll and Tsukemen Salad

Japanese Curry

  • Curry Rice – spicy curry sauce with beef, onions, carrots, potatoes over steamed rice
  • Curry Udon – Udon noodles in seasoned broth topped with beef curry
  • Curry Chicken Cutlet – fried cutlet, topped with beef curry, served over steamed rice


  • Served with steamed rice and vegetables
  • Teriyaki Chicken – Chicken (dark meat)
  • Teriyaki Beef – Thinly sliced
  • Teriyaki Salmon – Broiled fillet


  • Tonosama – teriyaki beef, chicken and salmon
  • Shogun – teriyaki chicken and beef


  • Udon Noodles – with green onions and seasoned broth
  • Udon Noodles with Beef
  • Udon Noodles with Tempura Shrimp

Featured Items

  • Okonomiyaki – savory grilled “Japanese pancake” with vegetable topped with a tangy sauce
  • Chicken Cutlet Sandwich – panko breaded breast with cabbage, tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise on toasted bread
  • Tsukemen Salad – cold ramen noodle salad with shredded crab stick in a sweet sesame soy dressing made of blended Japanese sauces

Kids’ Pick

  • Ko Do Mo Meal – ages 3 to 9
    Teriyaki Chicken with rice and vegetable, udon noodles in a seasoned broth and choice of juice or milk, served with cookie

Side Items

  • Miso Soup
  • Side Salad
  • Edamame


  • Cookie
  • Macha Roll – green tea swirl cake
  • Ice Cream – green tea
  • Ice Cream – Azuki, Strawberry


  • Kirin Ichiban 20 oz. Draft Beer
  • Kirin Light Beer
  • Plum Wine or Sake (cold or hot)
  • Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Green Tea, Iced Green Tea
  • Orange
  • Apple Juice
  • Dasani Bottled Water
  • 1% Milk


Katsura Grill is located in the Japan Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase. It’s tucked way back in the back so you might have to look around a bit but you’ll find it.

Disney Quick Service Restaurant

This restaurant is considered a Quick Service Restaurant for the Disney Dining Plan.

Dad’s Bottom Line

This is a great place to grab a quick bite while enjoying some beautiful gardens in the Japan Pavillion. It’s great to have a quick-service restaurant in addition to the table service options.