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Keep Calm Week Begins

Keep Calm Week –

This summer Mrs. Mom’s best friend went to England.  She brought back one gift for Mrs. Mom. (It was really for me.) Instead of describing it, I’ll just show it to you.

Keep Calm It's Only a Wedding CoasterThis saying is on a coaster. It sits on a dinner table as a reminder to keep thing in perspective.

Just why do we need perspective at our house? Because of the Big Event. What Big Event? Just the Biggest Wedding Ever! I think I may have mentioned that The Princess and her Prince Charming are getting married this coming Saturday. (9-10-11 – cool date, easy for the groom to remember.)

The coaster was created for the smaller event of the summer over in England. When Mrs. Mom’s friend saw it, she immediately knew that we had to have it. I don’t know how may days over the summer that we’ve gotten out the coaster and stuffed in someone’s face, but it seems to come out almost daily.

What does this have to do with Disney World? Not much and a whole lot. Yes, this message is about a wedding, but for some people they need one of these that says, Be Calm it’s just a Vacation.

Yes, I know, I’m one of those that needs one. Yes, I know, a Disney World Vacation is much more than a normal vacation, it’s almost a way of life. But still it’s just a vacation. Yes, I know we all want our vacations to be perfect, but sometimes (and Dad is the world’s worst about this) we plan so much that we don’t take time to see the little things that aren’t on “THE PLAN”.

I’m going to rant just a bit more while I’m at it.

This morning we were sitting in church when all of the sudden two of our Doctors got up and started walking down the aisles. (There was someone that was sick.) What was amazing was watching how those guys moved. They didn’t hurry, they just ambled over to the sick person. No quick movements. No hurry. Just deliberate measured steps.

I’ve seen this before. In fact, I’ve asked a medical professional about this. It’s something they are drilled over and over about. They are taught when you get in a hurry you make mistakes and you miss things. When you slow down and think about what you are doing you do a better job.

When it comes to a vacation to Walt Disney World or the biggest event of the Century, it’s important to remember.

Keep calm, it’s only a …

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    I’ve had to break out the Keep Calm coaster today. Mrs. Mom is freaking out a bit because Dad is procrastinating (imagine that) on getting the music and the video done for the wedding.

    Keep Calm Mrs. Mom it’s only a wedding. Dad will come through. He always does.

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