Keys and the Disney Dining Plan

by Dierdre

We will have 3 adults staying in the same room and using the Disney Dining Plan. Will we receive 3 separate “Keys to the World” with our allotted meals? Or will we have to stay together, eat together, and have the meals deducted from one “master” card?


Your Keys to the Coral Reef

Your Key's to the World and your Disney Dining Plan will allow you to dine in the Coral Reef
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Dad’s I want my own Answer


No they won’t take it out of a MasterCard, but the will take it out of a Visa (just kidding.)

The short answer is yes, you will receive your own “Key to the World” that will include your Disney Dining Plan information. It will also be your room key and may even (depending on how you purchased) have your tickets on it.

Dad’s Disney World Key to the World page

The long answer is your Key to the World is the most important thing you have at Disney World. Everyone gets there own. It get’s you in your room, it gets you in the parks, it buys your meals, it will even get you a FastPass. (The last 3 depending on the way you have purchased these items.) You don’t want to mess with a Key to the World.

This way you can all go your separate ways without worrying about who has the tickets. (Unless you are like us and Mrs. Mom keeps our tickets.)

We put charging privileges on our Disney World Keys to the World, even for the kids, so if they ever decide (and they never have even when they were 18 and 22) to get away from dear ole’ Mom and Dad, they can get a Coke or a snack. So far neither one of them has ever charged anything.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Everyone that is on the Disney Dining Plan gets their own Key to the World card. That’s how it works. Hope you have a great time.

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