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Kid friendly meal options at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

by Kim
(Boston, MA)

Hi Dad,

Hi Dad,

We are looking to book our vacation for early March. We have two little ones (22 months and 4 y.o). We are looking at 1 BR villas so we can do naps and not have to go to bed at 8. We are considering Animal Kingdom, Boardwalk (knowing that the pool slide will be closed), Saratoga and Key West. BLT and Wilderness are booked. We will probably spend lots of time at the resort. Are the animals/atmosphere at Animal Kingdom enough to offset the location and lower price of the other resorts? Will there be enough kid friendly meal options at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Thank you SO much!

Dad’s meat and potatoes Answer


The Man-Child is jealous. He’s always wanted to stay in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Is the Animal Kingdom Lodge worth extra money? That’s a hard question to answer. It depends on how much money, and it depends on you. For us, if it was within about 10% we might go ahead and spend the extra because The Man-Child really likes animals. But, if it was a lot more, we’d save the money and take a trip over there for a meal or something.

On to the question about the kid friendly meal options at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Yes, Boma and Jiko have menus that probably are a little different than what Americans are used to. But, if you look at Jiko’s kids menu, it’s macaroni and cheese, pizza, peanut butter and jelly and chicken. Pretty standard American food.

But, the only restaurant in Animal Kingdom Lodge that is really important is Mara. Mara is the quick service restaurant. You won’t eat at Boma and Jiko unless you make reservations, but grabbing something at Mara is pretty handy.

Mara’s menu reads like a local drive-in. It has burgers, pizza and the normal quick-service items found in most Disney quick-service restaurants.

Dad’s Bottom Line

The Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas should be a great place your family vacation. Just make sure that when you’re ready to book, you Let Dad do it for you.

Comments for Kid friendly meal options at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Jan 15, 2011

Do it!!!

by: Russell

I say go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Especially if first timers are involved.

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