Kona Cafe

The Kona Cafe is a unique coffee shop located in the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World. This unique coffee shop is home to Tonga Toast one of Walt Disney World’s oldest original food creations. The cafe serves a standard breakfast menu, sandwiches, and more for lunch, and a dinner menu with an Asian flair.

Kona Cafe

The Cafe is tucked into the corner of the second floor of the Polynesian. It’s an open-air cafe that has a reputation for good service and good food. It has the feel of a hometown diner. The cafe is decorated in light, airy colors, which suit this open-air restaurant. Yellow and orange are the primary colors.


For breakfast, you can get all of the traditional breakfast foods like omelets, pancakes, and French Toast. Serving sizes are large, filling and tasty. The signature dish is Tonga Toast. Check it out.

Tonga Toast

Tonga Toast is the signature dish that has been on the menu for over 25 years. (OK, it’s been on the menu at a Polynesian Resort restaurant for 25 years.) It’s a unusual breakfast concoction that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. (Read about Dad’s experience with Tonga Toast.)


Lunch is mainly sandwiches with Asian influence. The portions are large and interesting. It’s a great break from park hamburgers and hot dogs. Prices for lunch entrees range from just over $10.00 to just over $13.00. Check out the full lunch menu here.

Lunch is a less busy and tables are usually available. Advanced Dining Reservations are suggested, but not required.


Dinner is not your standard fare for a coffee shop cafe. Prime Rib and Mahi-Mahi highlight a high-end menu. Prices start at over $17.00 per entree. Dinner is consistently highly rated. Tables are sometimes available but Advanced Dining Reservations are suggested. Here’s the menu.


Desserts are the first thing you see when you enter the Kona Cafe. They look yummy.

Caramel-banana Creme Brulee, White Chocolate Cheesecake, Coconut Cream Kiki Tart, Apple Stack (no sugar added) Chocolate Fondu, Kona Kone

Deserts are around $6.00, and are outstanding.


Smoothies, Fairy or Pirate Punch (served in a glowing Tinkerbell or Captain Hook cup with a clip on light), soda’s, tea, coffee, milk, are available.

Fresh island coffee is available. You can even buy a pound of fresh beans to take home with you.

Kona Island Sushi Bar

Next to the restaurant is the Kona Island Sushi Bar, where you can order fresh hand-made sushi. The portions are large and created when you order them. Standard items like Sashimi, California Roll, and Tempura are available.Check out the menu here. Cocktails, Wine, and Sake are also available.

Sushi is available during the dinner hours, 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The full dinner menu from the restaurant is available at the Sushi Bar. Tables are normally available. Service is quick and usually outstanding. This is a good place to catch a quick meal that’s more than the usual chicken sandwich. Check it out.

Kona Island Cafe Coffee Bar

Fresh coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, and much more are available here at the coffee bar. The coffee here is genuine fresh Kona Coffee.Fresh pastries are also available.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Lots of people, including Dad, love the Kona Cafe. Dad likes it because it’s located in Dad’s favorite hotel, the Polynesian Resort. We usually find time to enjoy breakfast here on every trip.

Prices are a little high, but not out of line with those around Walt Disney World. Portions are large and can be shared. The Sushi Bar is a nice addition with really good sushi.