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La Hacienda de San Angel Restaurant – opening date

by Leslie Johnson
(Sugar Hill, GA)

Hi Dad! I love your website!

I was wondering if you have any idea when the new restaurant, Hacienda de San Angel, in EPCOT will be opening? Also, when we can start making reservations for it?

Thanks! Leslie Johnson

Dad’s only Uncle Walt knows for sure, and he’s not talking to me Answer


What a great question. When will La Hacienda de San Angel open? This seems to be one of Disney’s closest held secrets.

Last week, with great fanfare, Disney announced that Via Napoli was ready to open this week and would be taking reservations starting on Friday. But not even a rumor about La Hacienda.

(I tried talking to Uncle Walt, but he’s ignoring me right now. I think he’s mad that I blew up the price increase thing.)

My guess is that they will let this week pass and give Via Napoli a little more time to gather headlines, then say, about the 15th or so, they’ll make a big announcement about La Hacienda de San Angel. It would be my guess (sometimes I’m a pretty good guesser) that you’ll be able to make reservations around the 20th.

THAT IS – details have been a little sketchy about just what kind of restaurant La Hacienda will be. At first Disney said that it would have fast food at lunch and full service at dinner. Later they came back and said that the restaurant would only be open for dinner, but didn’t say what kind of restaurant it would be, full service or quick service.

There is only 1 country in EPCOT that has 2 restaurants in it that take reservations, and that in France. (And even those are basically the same restaurant, with different priced menus.)

I wouldn’t be too surprised to find that La Hacienda de San Angel becomes a quick service restaurant and doesn’t take reservations.

(Hey, what do I know.)

I promise, the second (well maybe not the first second) Disney announces anything, or I hear any rumors, or Uncle Walt start returning my calls, I’ll post it here. You’ll be the first to know.

Have a great day.

Comments for La Hacienda de San Angel Restaurant – opening date

Aug 27, 2010

Disney Announced

by: Dad

Disney has announced that they will be taking reservations for La Hacienda today. Reservations will be accepted for dates after October 15. Yes, I said October 15. Starting sometime in mid-September, the restaurant will be in “soft opening”. That’s where Disney tries out new attractions and restaurants to work out the kinks. No reservations will be taken during this time. The restaurant might or might not be open. If you’re they’re give it a try.

Aug 11, 2010

La Hacienda

by: Anonymous

They will open around the 15th of September, and I believe you will be able to make reservations for it… but do not know when. It will be open only for dinner and you will be able to dine while viewing the lake.

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