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Last Possible Time to Enter Magic Kingdom

by Cecilia

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“What is the last possible time you are able to enter Magic Kingdom? Other theme parks won’t allow admission after a certain time (ie 7pm).”

Disney is different

Hi Cecilia,

I’m not going to sing… Who am I kidding. I love that song.

“Cecilia, you’e breaking my heart, you’re shaking my confidence daily.”

Yep, Dad sounds a lot like Paul Simon.

OK, back to the question. When does Disney stop letting people into the parks? It’s pretty amazing, but Disney doesn’t shut the entrances down until right at closing time.

They do closing crowd control at the ride level. The shops stay open later than the rides and after the park closes so anyone who comes in late pretty much only has the option to go shopping.

Disney likes it when people go shopping.

Not going to get that last minute ride

Now if you’re thinking you can pop in at the very last minute and run over to ride Space Mountain that probably won’t work. You have to be in line at closing time to ride the ride. But, as long as you are in line you’ll get to ride.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Getting into the parks late is possible especially if you want to shop until you drop.


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