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Late February and early March crowds at Walt Disney World

by Ruth

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“What are the Walt Disney World events that might affect crowds at the end of February to the beginning of March 2018? We’re thinking of going February 28 to March 7. Any help would appreciated.

It’s getting more difficult every year to find a plan, and plan a trip, around all the crowd-enhancing events. We went last February 6 to 16, and there were lots of cheerleading events and some foreign groups, but not unbearable.

Thanks so much.

Mickey Mouse topiary in front of the monorail

Might be the Flower and Garden Festival – Photo by Wayne Wood

Ruth, I’ve got to say that I was a little baffled about the crowds in late February, early March this year. In fact, this year, while I was doing my crowd calendars for 2018, it just so happened that I was doing them at that time, late February, early March, and was looking and saying, “What is going on?”

Dad’s February Disney World Crowds page

Since Walt Disney World opened, late February and early March has been a very slow time. You’ve got President’s Day craziness and then, boom, no crowds.

The last couple of years it hasn’t been so much. There’s really not a triggering event that causes that, other than low prices. A lot of the slow times are being impacted by the summer high prices.

Dad’s March Disney World Crowds page

Crowds in the summers are down probably 10% over three years ago, before they implemented this price increase for the summertime. In fact, Disney is throwing all kinds of specials out for this summer to draw people into the parks because crowds are down in the summer.

While summer crowds have been down 10%, the total crowds for the year are only down about 1.5%. That other 8.5% is going somewhere. It’s going to late February, early March. It’s going to January, slow times in January. It’s going to October, November, some of those slow times in November that aren’t as slow. Little higher crowds in December. Those crowds are going somewhere, and this is probably one of those areas where the crowds have started to fill in.

You can’t blame the Flower and Garden Festival. That doesn’t start until a little later. The new Festival of the Arts ended on February 20th so that’s not a factor. The Flower and Garden Festival actually starts on the 1st of March. That end of February crowd, maybe they’re coming for the beginning of the Flower and Garden Festival, but it’s been happening around that time for a long time. I just don’t have a good explanation for why, other than the summer is coming down, slow times are coming up.

Dad’s EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is there’s no real explanation. It just is happening. If you look at my March Disney World crowds page, the February and the March crowds page, you’ll see that it’s gotten to be moderate to busy time that time of year.


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