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Late nights at Walt Disney World

Hey Dad whats up? I plan on taking a few trips between Summer and Fall to Walt Disney World. Thanks to your page I feel very informed and prepared. I have to know does Disney have anything late nights at Walt Disney World for night owls like myself? Like if a want a late night coffee or something. Thanks.

Dad’s howl at the moon Answer

A couple of years ago, this was an easy answer. I’d just tell you to go over to Pleasure Island and have a ball. But, Disney closed Pleasure Island last year. So now …

First, in the summer, the Magic Kingdom will be open until after midnight almost every night and some nights it will be open until 3 in the morning. (Extra Magic Hours nights.)

Dad’s Magic Kingdom page

Second, on Disney’s Boardwalk, Jellyrolls and Atlantic Dance Hall are both open until 2am. Most of the Boardwalk activities quit around 10:30, but you could grab your coffee and sit down and watch the wind waft across Crescent Lake.

Third, in the hotels, if you just want a cup of joe, there is at least one shop or restaurant that stays open until at least midnight. Pools, for the most part, are open until midnight (lifeguards leave at 10:00pm).

Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s a morning person at Disney World (always trying to get to the parks early) so I haven’t spent a lot of late night time prowling anywhere other than the Magic Kingdom. (2am is a great time to ride Space Mountain.) The Boardwalk seems to be the best bet. Although if it were me, I’d grab a cup of hot chocolate go to the beach at the Polynesian Resort and watch the castle change colors until I was ready for bed.

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