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Late October or Late November?

by Trisha12010

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“Hi Dad, thanks for all the wonderful info on everything that is Disney, we really appreciate it. We’re thinking about going in late October or late November, I’ve heard that October’s been more crowded now that people know that is has been a good time to go for low crowds, and the weather, and Halloween party, et cetera. But we are nervous to risk going in later November and it being too cold. Do you have any suggestions or opinions?

Thanks so much.”

Late October versus late November is a battle between…

October brings Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party to the Magic KIngdom

Halloween – Photo by Wayne Wood

November brings Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party to the Magic Kingdom

and Christmas – Photo by Matthew Cooper

Tricia, like you said, the crowd level difference between October and November are pretty staggering. If you look at our crowd calendar pages you’ll see that October, that October is moderate to heavy crowds. Late November is light, it shows light all that week, but I think it’s probably more light to moderate. Light to moderate versus moderate to heavy, big difference in crowds.

Dad’s October Disney World Crowds page
Dad’s November Disney World Crowds page

The weather in Florida in November is always something to think about. It can be hot, in fact I was there a few years ago in December when it was 93. I’ve also been there in December when it was 28/29/30, it was really cold.

So the weather is kind of iffy, but if you look at the average, the average in October is a high of 84 and a low of 68. In November, it’s a high of 78 and a low of 59. So it’s not, on average, cold. In fact, the chances of you getting there and it being cold in November are much less than you going and it being hot. It does happen, and it could happen.

It could also happen in October by the way. Late October, first of November, they do get cold fronts that come through that early.

It doesn’t typically happen, but even in late November that is not usually when you see those big cold fronts when it gets down in the 20’s or 30’s. That usually doesn’t happen until December.

The other factor is in late October you have Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and the Food and Wine Festival versus Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Christmas at Disney World in late November. Both are good choices, but me, I’d choose Christmas.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is it’s a little cooler in November than it is in October, but I don’t think you’ll see it being really, really cold that you have to worry about it. Could be, but you can always bundle up.

Have you been to Walt Disney World in November? How as the temperature? Tell us below in the comments.


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Comments for

Mar 14, 2018 November at WDW was beautiful!
by: Mary

We went the week before Thanksgiving in 2015. The weather was still pretty warm during the day – low 80’s and it rained almost every day but only brief, passing showers that really did not dampen the mood or change any of our plans.

We swam in hotel pool every day (Animal Kingdom Kidani Village). It was a little chilly at night but a light hoodie or sweater was plenty. The crowds were light in my opinion. Bus loads were light to moderate, never packed in like sardines. Decorations are up for Christmas and it is so beautiful. Went to Disney Springs on Black Friday and shopped all day with no problems.

People were there but it never felt crowded. We enjoyed the week before Thanksgiving SO much we are planning to go back same week in 2020!

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