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Hey Y’all! The holidays are a great time of year filled with laughter. When we were younger I am sure we did lots of funny things. I am sure The Man-Child and I had Dad and Mrs. Mom in stitches and I am sure they could tell plenty of stories. Now the tables have turned and The Man-Child and I have grown up and now we all laugh together at the television or something funny someone says.


Logo for the Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special

Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog


Now you and your family can enjoy a laugh at “The Comedy Warehouse Special” at Disney Hollywood Studios. This year the special will be hosted in the Premiere Theater. The Premier Theater is located in the Streets of America. This show will be a great addition to Disney Hollywood Studios Holiday Lineup.


“The Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special” will be made up of family friendly improvisational comedy. The performers will take audience suggestions and add their own unique twist. The performers will be making up new holiday songs, putting twist on old stories and poems.


The special will run from December 23rd until January 5th. This special is included in general admission to Disney Hollywood Studios. I imagine the show will be like a holiday version of Whose Line is it Anyway? It was a great show, Dad and Mrs. Mom and I used to laugh for hours over that show.


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