Least amount of Crowds at Disney World

by Cary Johnson
(Pelican Rapids, MN)

What time of the year would be the best time of the year with the least amount of crowds at Disney World. We’re Senior Citizens and we’re not willing to stand in long lines.

Least Amount of Crowds at Disney World

Epcot with the least amount of crowds at Disney World possible
Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s right now would be good Answer


It’s hard to believe, but there are several times of year when the crowds at Disney World are very manageable. The month of September happens to be one of them. The Princess and her Prince Charming are there now and she keeps texting me about how short the lines are (they rode Expedition Everest yesterday because the line was only 5 minutes long and they had some time to burn before Flights of Wonder.

From around September 1st to Thanksgiving week, for the most part are slow crowd wise. Of those, if you go the first week of November, you get to see Halloween come down and Christmas go up. It’s the best time of the year in Dad’s opinion to see the most at Disney World.

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The other slow time of the year is January and February. There are a couple of weeks that are the slowest of year. There aren’t as many events, but the crowds are just about non-existent.

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The best place to get crowd predictions is at Touringplans.com. They look at each park day-to-day for crowd levels. They have years of history to back up the predictions. I’d start by looking at their projections to pick the best time to visit.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Cary, if it were me (and it is) who was a Senior Citizen who wanted the least amount of crowds at Walt Disney World but still wanted the best experience available, I’d go in early November. But I really love Christmas at Disney World. My second choice would be October then January.

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