Least Crowds After Galaxy's Edge Opens

Least Crowds After Galaxy's Edge Opens

by Walt
(pennsylvania, usa)


"We are thinking about Disney after Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens. We can come anytime from December to February so what week do you feel would be the least crowds in that timeframe?"

Wait as long as possible

Padawan training at the Jedi Training Academy

There will be more Jedi to train - Photo by Cliff Wang

Galaxy's Edge opening is going to have a long and lasting impact on the crowds at Walt Disney World. There's no doubt that the December, and following months crowds will be bigger than normal.

But those crowds will dissipate as time moves on. The farther away from Galaxy's Edge opening, the less impact the crowds will have.

Since February crowds are relatively light, I'd try to go in February. Any week but Presidents Day week would work.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Walt, wait until February for the best experience. Just avoid Presidents Day Week.

PS. The 2020 Crowd Calendars will be released in April.



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