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Love Bugs at Disney World


by Rach


Hello 🙂 I have been to Disney World once in mid April, it was so nice! I plan on going back this yr with family of 4 (last time it was myself & my 10 yr old). We were planning to go last week in September, but i discovered videos & blogs about the dreaded LOVE BUGS!


Myself & kids are terrified & disgusted by even harmless bugs!!! I don’t want to spend all that $ & be annoyed & uneasy!


I also don’t like the heat … so I am thinking about rescheduling for Oct. or Nov. I would like to either go October on an off week or November on an off week to avoid crowds. I am wondering which month would be slower (either oct 23-28 or Nov 13-18).


I am also wondering if love bugs are even for sure gone by the October date mentioned! thanks for your help, Rachel G

Dad’s they’re harmless Answer


I hate LOVE BUGS. Those things are just plain nuisances. We lived in east Texas for 4 years and every year, yuck!!!! Those stinkin things would come out and absolutely ruin a good drive. A couple of times I drove to Houston during LOVE BUG season. I had to literally stop and wash the windshield off every 50 miles. YUCK!


No they are not harmless.


Now about LOVE BUGS and Disney World. There is some evidence that the LOVE BUG infestation doesn’t hit Disney World every year. Yes, you see the videos, but some years are worse than others. (We saw the same thing in Texas.) Some years you would have to put a rag over you mouth to breathe, and some years you didn’t see any at all.


The stupid bugs only show up 2 times a year, and both times it’s only for a week or 2. (They don’t live long, but the mate constantly. That’s why their called LOVE BUGS. That and they always travel in pairs hooked together.)


If you’d like to reschedule your trip, your two options are fine. There won’t be a big difference between the crowds those two weeks. The big difference between the two boils down to which you want to experience. Halloween or Christmas.


During the October date, the Magic Kingdom will be all dressed up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It’s the only park that will be decorated.


During the November date, the whole world, the whole Disney World, will be decked out for Christmas at Disney World. Me, I prefer Christmas.


Dad’s Bottom Line


Rach, you can’t go wrong with either selection. October and November are great times to visit Disney World. Crowds will be light. Parks will be beautiful. LOVE BUGS will be long gone.


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