Low December Crowds at Disney World

Low December Crowds at Disney World

by Angela


I'm comparing your calendar to the Touring Plans page. I'm looking for low December Crowds at Disney World. Your calendar lists the week of Dec. 3-11 as Heavy but Touringplans has the levels as 1 and 2. This will definitely effect my decision. Please give me your best advice & possible reasons for the opposite predictions.

Thank You!

It's all about Football and Cheerleaders

Football is what decides the low December Crowds at Disney World
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Dad's I'm right, they're wrong Answer


Let me say right off the bat, I'm right and they are wrong about the low December Crowds at Disney World.

Let me explain ...

First, the reason I list the crowds as heavy is because of the Pop Warner Football and Cheerleader Championships which occur that week. Now, you will read that I don't think these events have a big bearing on the crowds during the day, but in the evenings can have some impact on the length of lines.

Dad's December Disney World crowds page

I might actually overstate the crowd levels a bit, but there are a couple of reason for that. This week has historically been busier than Touringplans.com is predicting this year. Also, the events that go on during the first weekend and full week of December can really cause havoc with the lines at the parks.

Dad's Touringplans.com page

Sometime during that first weekend of December, the Christmas Parade taping will happen at the Magic Kingdom. The official date hasn't been announced yet. Going by history, it should be the 2nd with rain and overflow slipping into the 3rd and 4th. This event really bottles up things around the Magic Kingdom.

The Pop Warner Football and Cheerleader Championships start during the weekend and last throughout the week. These don't bring a lot of day guests to the parks, but do significantly bump up park attendance in the late afternoons and evenings. They all start leaving by the 11th.

Another thing is the Value Resorts tend to fill up with teams of preteens that don't usually, but can get a bit rowdy and if you run into the cheerleaders, they will definitely be loud.

The week before or after the 3-11 are great weeks to visit.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Angela, the week of December 3-11 isn't a bad week to visit (other than you can't get free dining that week), it's just not the best. The weeks around it are much better if you have a choice.

PS. Why not let the Disney Vacation Planners at Pixie and Pirate Destinations help you with your trip. They'll help you find the best time for you to visit.

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Oct 22, 2018
Dec. 9th- 15th?
by: Tasha

Hello! I’m wondering what you think of our dates from December 9th-15th? We chose to go to the park that has magic hours every night, which I now see is usually the most packed park. Being that we will be there on a good crowd week, does that really matter? Thanks so much!

Dad Answers

That's the week we usually go. It's a good week. Crowds will be moderate. Nothing crazy.

Dad's December Disney World Crowds page

As to evening Extra Magic Hours, the evening version doesn't bring crowds to the park during the day. It's usually a good park to visit. Morning Extra Magic Hours will bring a little bigger crowds, but not enough to offset the great touring time during EMH.

Dad's Extra Magic Hours page

Mar 26, 2012
crowds during parade taping
by: Mamasaurus71

We found the crowds around main street pretty thick the day they taped the parade but, the rest of the park was quite nice! Lines were super short...everyone was watching the parade and trying to get a glimpse of a celeb or be on camera. Barely anyone was on line for rides...until the taping was done...then it was madness. We went on rides we really loved then high tailed it out of there.

Oct 12, 2011
Dad's advice saved me buckets of money
by: Tina

I also asked Dad the question and with his help I got free dining, a longer stay and I get to experience two Resorts for less money!!! It was a no brainer.

Oct 12, 2011
by: Kurt

I also booked thru pixie and pirates... didnt think i needed too, but why not? Nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of when planning and to help with reservations

Oct 12, 2011
I took dad's advice
by: Kurt

I had the same chat with Dad a few months ago, and booked arrival on the 11th. Although it would be neat to maybe see the taping of the parade, Im gonna enjoy the lower crowds... the free dining plan... and I can watch the Parade from my cozy couch when i get home !!

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