Luggage transport between resorts

Luggage transport between resorts

by Michael
(Burns, TN, USA)


"I'm doing a split stay between the Art of Animation and Shades of Green. How do I get our luggage for 5 people from Art to Shades? We are probably going to use the new Minnie Vans to transport people but I don't know if all of our luggage will fit in the van. Does Disney offer free transport of luggage between resorts?"

Yes they do

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your service.

Yes, Disney does offer luggage transfer service between the Disney Resorts and Shades of Green. It works really well. You go to Bell Services at your Disney Resort, drop off your luggage, tell them which hotel you are going to and Magically it appears in your new hotel.

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For Shades of Green, you should give Bell Services a call in advance just to arrange the transfer, but yes, it can be done.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Give Bell Services a call the day before you need the transfer and it should all work out.



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