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Lunch With Dad (Archive)


Want do see what Dad is saying about Walt Disney World? Lunch with Dad is the place to go. Every Friday, Dad does a show LIVE at Noon Eastern on the best Facebook page in the world.

Dad's Facebook page

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Week 3


Week 3 is the week before Thanksgiving. Lots to be thankful for.


Link to Lunch with Dad #3


Here's what was included in Week 3 -

  • Dad sang Happy Birthday to Mickey and Minnie
  • We gave away a copy of The Easy Guide to Your Walt Disney World visit
  • We talked about the news and lots of it
  • Answered questions about
    • Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Plan
    • The Pro Bowl in Orlando
    • and a couple more write in questions

Lunch with Dad #2


Lunch with Dad starts off a little better. It's Veterans Day and Dad does a big Veterans Day Celebration


What's inside Lunch With Dad #2

  • The News of the week
  • Flash Sale details
  • Veterans Day Rememberance
  • How to handle Christmas week crowds
  • Crowds at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
  • Two day trip, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom only
  • Pop Warner weekend
  • Several live questions

Lunch with Dad #2

Week 1


Week 1 of Lunch with Dad kicks off with a little "technical difficulities" that go away pretty quickly. Here's what Dad talked about...

  • Quick sideways tour of Dad's office
  • WDW Happenings
  • Invitation to the Christmas Party
  • Question about problems with booking the Princess Meet and Greets
  • Crowds around Memorial Day
  • 14 day UK ticket for US residents
  • Problems with the MyDisneyExperience app
  • A couple of live questions

Lunch with Dad #1


Join Dad Live

You can join Lunch with Dad live every Friday on Dad's Facebook page. Come on over and ask questions live.

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