Magic Kingdom expansion

Magic Kingdom expansion

by Jenn

Ok, I am kinda freaking out. Disney just released some more info on their blog about the Magic Kingdom Expansion and all the renovations that are doing to Fantasyland, I am really scared that it will all be still closed when we go in the beginning of May 2012! My kids will be heartbroken. Do you know if any of the new things, or any of the old (but good) things will be open?! Thanks.

Dad's 2013 is looking better all the time Answer


First, relax, chill, calm down, in the long run it will all work out.

The Magic Kingdom expansion is a big deal. Disney's announcement yesterday talked about a whole new ride they hadn't previously disclosed. Dad's Magic Kingdom expansion update. It also reduced the Princess footprint. The previous plans had 75% or more of Fantasyland dedicated to Princess meet and greets. That got lots of bad press, and bad reviews. There wasn't much for boys (and Dad's) in the announced Fantasyland.

Enter yesterday. Now the Princesses are all together in one house. (Wonder how that will work out? I see some hair pulling in the Magic Kingdom's future.) There is a whole new previously announced roller coaster that sounds amazing based on a mine train ride with the 7 little guys. All in all yesterdays announcement is a big deal. (I think I said that already.)

Now on to your problem. I'm sorry to say, the Magic Kingdom expansion won't be done next May. Some or most of Fantasyland will be closed. (This will be during the final months of construction.) So now I'm sure you're screaming "HOW IN THE WORLD IS EVERYTHING GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT???!!!!"

Dad's Bottom Line

Jenn, Let me say this a gently as possible. If Fantasyland is that important to you and the kids, change your plans. Go in 2013. The whole new Fantasyland will be open by then. It's only one extra year.

If that's not possible, then there is absolutely nothing you can do about it so, enjoy what you can. If you get all hyped up about things that can't be changed your trip will be ruined before you even leave. Enjoy what's there and look forward to the next trip when all the new stuff will be open.

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Jan 19, 2011
can you tell me what will be open in Fantasyland then?
by: Jenn again

k, I will focus on what will be there then what won't. lol Can you tell me what in Fantasyland WILL be there, from stores (Tinkerbell, ext) to the Pinochio resturant to rides. I have not heard anything with Winnie the Pooh at all either. Will all that be gone too? I can't really find a answer to that, a map would be GREAT! hehe Thanks!

Dad Answers


Sorry it took so long for me to answer, I've been a bit under the weather this week.

The only closure Disney has announced is Mickey's Toontown Fair will close in February. Disney is pretty good about giving warning on rides that are being closed for long periods of time. I'd expect to hear about any closures 2-3 months before they happen.

The only current announced rides and such that are being taken out are Snow White's Scary Adventure and Ariel's Grotto. I'm pretty sure Pooh and Friends will still be there, unless Disney changes plans, again.

Sorry, no maps yet. (You don't want one drawn by Dad.)

Hope this helps,

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