Magic Kingdom memories show on the castle during Christmas

Magic Kingdom memories show on the castle during Christmas

by Todd Clift
(Brownsburg, IN)

Hello Carl -

The site is awesome and is always getting better - thanks for all of the hard work and passion that you put into the info provided on the site.

Question: We're going to Walt Disney World in mid-November and was wondering with the Christmas lights on the castle - will they the Magic Kingdom memories show be on the castle during Christmas?


PS - this is our fourth trip to Walt Disney World and we've had free dining each of those four years - I don't know what we'll do when we have to pay for food - lol.

The Magic the Memories and You

Dad's only my hairdresser knows for sure Answer


Welcome back. You ask the most interesting questions.

First let me say, congratulations on the free dining. Enjoy it. If what they are saying at this weeks D23 event is true, this is the last year for Free Dining unless the economy crashes again.

Also, thanks for the kind words about the site. It is getting better all the time. Stay tuned, some really big changes are coming that will blow you away.

Now, on to the question ...

First, let's talk about The Magic, The Memories and You show. Every night on Cinderella Castle just before Wishes they project pictures taken during the day by PhotoPass photographers right on the castle. As you can see in the video above, it's not just a small little picture. Some of the pictures take up the whole castle. It's an amazing show.

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What? You think I'm avoiding the question? You're kinda correct.

Dad's best answer is, I think the will have the Magic Kingdom memories show during Christmas. But only Disney knows for sure and they might not even know yet. This show debuted this year after the Christmas season so it hasn't ever been shown while the icicle lights are on the castle. I'm not sure Disney has even tested the show with the Christmas lights on the castle. Though they might have because the show started in January last year, right after the lights were taken down.

My gut (and I have an impressive gut) tells me that the show will go on. Why? The icicle lights are put on the castle with nets that are the same color as the castle. I assume they will just blend into the projection. I don't think you'll be able to tell the lights are even there. That's just my gut (as impressive as it is) feeling.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Good question again Todd. Keep them coming. Make sure to come back and tell us all about the Magic Kingdom memories show after your Christmas vacation before the final death of Free Dining. (I've been trying to kill that sucker for months.)

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Mar 26, 2012
magic memories and you
by: petunia

yes my family and i also have reservations for Dec 27th 2012 thru Jan 3rd 2013 and i've been trying to find out if this show will be showing during this time . this makes our 8th trip 5 during christmas. so if and when you find out for sure could you let me know

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