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Magic Kingdom versus Animal Kingdom

by Laura
(Ontario Canada)

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“Seven of my friends and I are going to Disney World in May for a band trip. I’m the veteran of the group so I have to plan everything. I have all the reservations booked that we want to do. I was just wondering how busy you think the 17th through to the 19th would be in the parks. We only get one day in each park. So I’m concerned about the Magic Kingdom.

We have at least four first timers in our group, so I don’t want to rush them through. But I still want to be able to ride all of the rides. We may get the last half of our day to return to the Magic Kingdom, but we may also decide to do Animal Kingdom since it’s the part we skipped. What would you suggest to do? Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom or to add more time? Thanks so much.”

Animal Kingdom has become a really cool place after dark

Now that Animal Kingdom is open after dark you might want to see it – Photo by Cliff Wang

Laura first let’s talk about the crowds. If you go look at our May Disney Crowd Calendar. You’ll see that it’s a pretty nice time to go. Weekends are usually busy but weekdays are really nice at that time of year and crowds won’t be too terrible. What I would suggest between Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom is that it depends on who you are with.

Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page

For me, I would go back to the Magic Kingdom ’cause that’s the place I love. And I’d be torn ’cause I like Animal Kingdom too, but I like Magic Kingdom better. There’s so much more to do in Magic Kingdom than there is in Animal Kingdom. If you’ve got a full day at Magic Kingdom, depending on how big your group is, you might see all the rides you want to ride. But if you want to see everything, you can’t do it in one day.

Dad’s Magic Kingdom page

So my suggestion would be to look at your group. Is your group Magic Kingdom people that want to be in the Magic Kingdom? Then you go to the Magic Kingdom. If they’re animal nuts and want to see the animal shows, then you go to Animal Kingdom. So, Magic Kingdom for Magic Kingdom type people. Animal Kingdom for Animal Kingdom type people. It’s just that simple.

Dad’s Animal Kingdom page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is do what you think is going to be best for your group. I don’t know your group, so I can tell you one thing and it would be totally wrong. Do what you think is best for your group.


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