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Magical Express to Shades of Green?

from Steve


My niece will be getting married the 2nd of May my sister will be staying at the Grand Floridian while I will be staying at Shades of Green Resort. Since my sister and I are on the same flight, is there any way I can ride her Magical Express bus and get to Shades of Green if I even pay for myself to do so? And if I could what would it cost?

Dad Answers

A Magical Express bus at the Orlando International Airport. Magical Express does not go to Shades of Green

Magical Express bus waiting for passengers at Orlando International Airport – photo by Cliff Wang

Steve, congratulations. A wedding at Walt Disney World. What a treat and thank you for your service.

Magical Express to Shades of Green

Since Shades of Green is not technically a Disney owned Resort, Magical Express does not go there. It only goes to Disney owned hotels. So you can’t go directly to Shades of Green.


If it doesn’t go to the Grand Floridian, can you go to the Grand Floridian and then Uber/Minnie Van/walk to Shade of Green?


Sorry, no. I’m afraid that doesn’t work either. You have to be a Disney Resort guest to get on a Magical Express bus. You have to be listed on a reservation at a Disney Resort. Not even if you say “I’m staying with my sister tonight”, can you get on the bus. It’s about the names on the reservations. Your name would have to be listed in her room to qualify to get on her Magical Express bus.


You might try talking to the Magical Express customer service desk at the airport. You never know they might help a soldier. But you will still have to get to the Shades of Green. You’re on your own on that one. (Walking is probably not an option.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

Steve, it was a good idea, but I’m afraid that you’ll have to figure out another way to get to Shades of Green. The hotel offers some options on their website. (Shades of Green Transportation options.) Sorry, but it’s just not going to happen.


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