MagicBands but not staying on property

by Constance

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“Hi Dad!I will be taking a trip in March 2019 with my two children. We are not staying on property but we are thinking about getting MagicBands to keep up with our tickets, Memory Maker, and FastPasses. Is this possible and would you recommend it?”

Not Necessary


MagicBands are not necessary to keep up with tickets, Memory Maker and FastPass+. You will get a plastic ticket that will do the same thing as a MagicBand. All of your information will be stored on the plastic ticket just like it would on a MagicBand.

But Cool

But MagicBands are really cool. I love putting on my MagicBand every day. There’s just something about it that is fun.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Constance, you don’t need MagicBands for your trip, but you sure might want one.


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