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March Disney World crowds

In March Disney World crowds start to build with the beginning of the spring break season, but it's still a good time for a Disney World vacation. There is a lot going on in March at Walt Disney World. Spring is a beautiful time of year to visit and March is the "official" start of spring.

Spring break at Disney World is less about the parties (like those on the coasts) and more about lots of school children bringing their families to see Mickey. It can be a bit of a zoo.

March Disney World Crowds enjoy the
International Flower and Garden Festival

March Disney World Crowds see Timon at the International Flower and Garden Festival
Photo by Jeff_B.

Spring Training Baseball is in full swing at Champions Stadium. Epcot's International Flower and Garden Festival starts on March 2.

Dad's Guide to Disney World Special Events

The first week of March, Disney World crowds can be absolutely delightful. (Watch, since Dad suggests this, the first week of March will be packed. The power of Dad...) This means not very many people will be at the parks, there will be short lines, dinner reservations will be easy to get, everything you hope for at Disney World.

But then...

Spring break crowds start arriving around the middle of the month. The weather is beautiful, the kids get out of school starting in March, Disney World crowds start building to moderate and sometimes heavy. But it's still a great time to visit Walt Disney World.

How to avoid Disney World crowds - If you want to know how to avoid March Disney World crowds ask Dad. He's knows how to avoid all of the crowds.

Dad's Disney World Crowds page

Disney World Crowds, the Complete Picture is the place to go to find everything you ever wanted to know about Disney World crowds. Their team writes the best Disney World book on the market (The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World). Touringplans has a daily crowd calendar that shows projected crowds in each park. It also gives you park hours, closures, and show times. They have the history park crowds from the last 6 years.

They even have a smartphone app called "Lines" that keeps track of the length of lines in the park on a minute by minute basis. It's really cool.

Dad's page for more information about March Disney World Crowds

Dad's Bottom Line

March is a great time of year to visit Disney World. Crowds do get bigger and bigger and bigger as the month progresses.

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