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May 12 or May 14 for the Magic Kingdom?


by Marc
(Rhode Island)


“Dad, we seek your infinite wisdom,” I like you Mark, I like you a lot, “Seven of us going to Disney. We love when the park is not too crowded, so we always get in at opening bell,” great idea. “For Magic Kingdom, Friday May 12th or Sunday May 14th, which would be better? Thanks, Mark.”


The Enchanted Tiki Room will be a nice place to rest in May

The Enchanted Tiki Room won’t be too full – Photo by Rich Ramos


Oh, Mark, remember that scene in You’ve Got Mail (Dad’s favorite chick flick)? Tom Hanks says…

“Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday.

That’s what this is like. It’s one of those, it doesn’t matter which day you pick. There is a little difference and we’ll talk about that. May 12th or May 14th, Friday or Sunday?


Typically, I would say to go to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday mornings. I like going on Sunday mornings. There are not as many locals in the parks on Sunday morning, so the first few hours on Sunday morning can be really nice and quiet, at least that’s been our experience.


However, if you look at my May crowd calendar, you’ll see that Friday is a light crowd day and Sunday is a moderate crowd day. I would lean towards Friday.


Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page


I think you’ll find that Friday would be the best day to visit the Magic Kingdom, because the crowds will be smaller on Friday than they will be on Sunday. The park is going to be busier on Sunday than it is on Friday.


Now, the first couple of hours it’s probably going to be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. It really won’t matter, but later in the day the crowds will be bigger on Sunday than on Friday, so I would go with Sunday.


Friday is also an Extra Magic Hour day, so you get an extra hour on Friday. My number one tip for missing Disney World, or for Magic Kingdom crowds, get there early. If you can do Extra Magic Hours, it is the day to go.


Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is, there won’t be much difference between the two days, but I think Friday will be your best option.


PS – Mrs. Mom just reminded me that Sunday is Mothers Day. That could explain why it will be busier.


disney world parks

disney world parks


disney hotels

disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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