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May 2020 vs June 2020


by Renee
(South Carolina )

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“Hi Dad, So glad I have stumbled upon your site. We are planning our 1st family WDW vacation for 2020. I am contemplating May 2020 (tentatively 5/16 check-in) vs June 2020. I wanted to know your thoughts. Are the parks open as late in May? And if we finish our vacation during Memorial Day weekend, are we crazy? We are most likely going to book at Pop Century. Thanks”

Not Crazy at All




I don’t think you are crazy at all.


I like the May/June timeframe for visiting WDW. It’s just a nice time to visit and crowds aren’t crazy, even the week of Memorial Day.


If you look at my crowd calendars, you’ll see that late May is not terrible. It’s moderate to heavy, but it’s not crazy.

Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page


Crowds don’t really start picking up until mid-June after the Florida schools get out.

Dad’s June Disney World Crowds page


I would not have any problems recommending any time in May or June.


That being said, I think checking in on May 16th is a fine plan. That’s probably the best time crowd wise of the May/June timeframe.


You’ve done well.


Dad’s Bottom Line


Renee, you’ve chosen well. Don’t overthink it. Stay with checking in on May 16th. The parks will be open regular hours and the Memorial Day crowds aren’t bad at all.


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