Meet and Greets Disney Princesses

Meet and Greets Disney Princesses

by Eric
(Azle, Texas)

I'm curious about videos I have seen on YouTube. They appear to be meet and greets Disney Princesses in a short but sweet one on one semi-private setting. The kids seem to be able to get a minute or so of face time without a lot of other kids also getting in on the scene. Do you have any info on this situation? Having a 6 year old girl I am sure this would make our upcoming first Disney trip memorable. Thanks.

Dad's ahhhh, so sweet Answer


Those videos are so cute. Makes me want to rent a little girl and take her to Disney World. (Get your minds out of the gutter.)

The whole Fantasyland upgrade is pretty much based on Meet and Greets with Disney Princesses. When complete there will be a huge portion of Fantasyland dedicated to just that.

In the meantime, your daughter can meet and have some quality time with Disney Princesses at one of the character meals. The restaurant at Norway in Epcot does this at all 3 meals. Princesses circulate through the restaurant all during the meal stopping at each table.

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Disney Princesses also sign autographs at some of autograph areas especially in Epcot. It's not as intimate and doesn't last as long, but it's another way to get some time with the girls.

Dad's Bottom Line

Eric, character meals and autograph areas aren't quite as personal as the meet and greets will be. Originally each Princess was going to have her own castle/area in the Magic Kingdom, but that got scaled back. Now they'll just share on big, happy, castle where all the little girls will line up and wait for hours and all us big Daddies will have tears streaming down our cheeks when our little girls squeal in delight.

The new digs should be opening in 2013.

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