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Meeting family at Walt Disney World


I would like to meet up with family members at Walt Disney World for two nights and will be traveling alone. I am looking for suggestions for the least expensive way of doing this. I do not need a dining plan and will pay for park tickets as I need them. Family is staying at the Polynesian. Spending $600/night for one person seems rather ridiculous to me. Any suggestions?



You could sleep in the hammock on the Polynesian Beach when meeting family at Disney World

You could sleep here … Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s there are always options Answer


First, thanks for an interesting question. Going to Walt Disney World alone can be a depressing thing. I’m glad your meeting some family.


First, let me say that spending $600.00 per night for anyone is ridiculous. Disney is on the verge of pricing their hotels too high.


Let me give you a few of my off the top of my head ideas to solve your problem. My first idea is mooch off of one of the fam. Yes, mooch. The Polynesian rooms are huge. There are 2 queen size beds and a day bed in every room. Rooms are over 400 square feet. Again, the rooms are big enough for 5 people comfortably.


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If that doesn’t work you could always sleep on the beach, like in the hammock right there with a great view of the Magic Kingdom. What could be better. What? Disney Security? Nah, they won’t come and move you off the beach. They let people sleep there every night. (Before anyone takes this seriously, DAD IS JOKING!)


OK, here are some serious options. If you like camping you could get a tent site for around $50.00 a night (a great rate for Walt Disney World0. You still get to stay right in the Magic and it could be a lot of fun (as long as the temperatures are a lot higher than they are this week.)


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The other option still staying on site is the Value Resorts. Dad really recommends the Pop Century Resort. Yeah, it’s a long way to the Polynesian, but you can meet the family wherever they are going to be. Rooms at the Pop Century are under $100.00 per night.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


There are lots of hotels near Disney World that don’t cost a lot, but they have problems like how to get to the parks and more. I’d recommend staying at the Pop Century.


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