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Melody Hall at the
All Star Music Resort


The Melody Hall of Disney All Star Music Resort is the main gathering area of the resort. This is where you go to check-in, check-out, eat meals, shop, go to the arcade, ask questions, and lots more.


The front desk counter can check in several families at the same time. There is also a guest services area where guest make check dining reservations, upgrade tickets, get park questions answered, and much more.

Intermission Court the food court in Melody Hall


Maestro Mickey is the shopping area. You can find All Star Music Resort branded merchandise along with the usual Disney themed souvenirs.


Shop till you drop.


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Everything else

Inside Melody Hall there is a great arcade. There are lots of video games, prize winning games. It's fun for the whole family. (We always give the kids some discretionary money and most of it ends up here.)

Outside of the Melody Hall you'll find the Singing Spirits Pool Bar where you can purchase snacks and drinks. (Open seasonally.)

Child Care

There is no dedicated child care at the Disney World All Star Music. There are several child care services you can choose from. Here are just a couple that have good reputations

  • All About Kids - In room or in park childcare starting at $13.00 per hour.
  • Super Sitters - In room or accompany to park childcare starting at $14.00 per hour


Disney being thoughtful has even made two laundry room available. Oddly enough, their next to the pools. Bring lots of quarters and a bathing suit.


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Dad's Bottom Line

Playing in the pool is a national passtime in America, but when you're at Disney World, it a great time to get off your feet.