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Memorial Day 2018

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“Hey, Dad – We are going to WDW Memorial Day Weekenf 2018, (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). I’ve noticed your calendar says these will be Moderate days. I thought it would be busier. What’s the deal?”

The Muppets history show in the Magic Kingdom

Getting a history lesson from the Muppets would be a great thing for Memorial Day – Photo by Brett

Steven, yep. That’s the way it is. Memorial Day is not a busy holiday for the most part. It was a little busier this year because of the opening of Pandora, but for the most part, Memorial Day holiday is a moderate to just on the border of heavy crowds. The weekends can get heavy, if the weathers nice, with the locals coming out. But for the most part, Memorial Day is a moderate type of crowd holiday.

Dad's May Disney World Crowd Calendar

Now, why is that? Well, the main thing is it’s prime school time. This is the time where a lot of schools are having final exams or are getting ready for graduations. In Oklahoma, that’s about the time we get out, but I know in a lot of states – Florida being one of them … Florida schools get out in mid-June schools aren’t out yet. A lot of people won’t take a vacation with two weeks left to go in school.

Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page

Disney crowd, for the most part, follow school calendars. When school is out, the crowds go up and vice versa.

The thought for most people is, Memorial Day is that time where you really can’t take off to go to Disney World because school’s gonna be out in two weeks, why not wait two weeks and go in the summer?

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are kind of the a big vacation date is coming up so let’s wait and go then type of holidays.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

So the bottom line is, will have moderate to kind of bordering on heavy crowds, but it’s not crazy at all.


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