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Memorial Day compared to the week before Christmas

by Alex

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“I am looking at going to Disney World the week before Christmas. I wanted to go the second week of December but I’m in college and that’s my finals week. Last year my husband and I went to Disney the week of Memorial Day for our honeymoon. Are the crowds a lot worse the third week of December than they would be the week of Memorial Day?”

Christmas at WDW means the Jingle Cruise

Oh and the Jungle Cruise becomes… – Photo by Brett Svenson

I think you’ll love being at Walt Disney World Christmas. It’s just the best time of the year to go to Walt Disney World. It’s beautiful. The decorations, it’s just the best time to go to Walt Disney World, in my opinion, during the whole year.

Dad’s Christmas at Walt Disney World page

Crowds the third week in December are kind of like the … I’m trying to search for my words. It’s like not the calm before the storm but what happens right before the storm. I don’t want to say that the first couple of weeks, the first three weeks, the crowds are calm. They’re not September calm, but the first couple of weeks, the crowds aren’t too bad. That third week is, especially this year with Christmas being on Monday That week the crowds are going to go from moderate the first few days, to heavy, to when the weekend hits, out of control.

Dad’s December Disney World Crowds page

How does that compare to Memorial Day? Memorial Day crowds are fairly moderate. The last couple of years they’ve been moderate, to edging up towards heavy. But typically the crowds are moderate. I mean, this year they were a little bit out of control because of Pandora opening over the weekend, Memorial Day weekend. But last year, if you were there last year, you probably saw moderate to maybe heavy crowds. That will be what it’s like the first few days, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday you’ll see it go up to heavy. Friday you’ll see it go… Friday, Saturday it will start getting crazy.

Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page

Compare the May Crowd calendar to the December crowd calendar and you’ll see it’s moderate to heavy around Memorial Day. It’s moderate to heavy to very heavy to crazy during that week before Christmas.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

For the first few days it will be roughly equivalent to Memorial Day, but then as the week progresses it will get a little crazy.


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Aug 05, 2017 Thanks!
by: Alex

Awesome! Thank you for getting to my question! This makes me feel much better about going to Disney the week before Christmas!

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