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Memorial Day Weekend 2012 at Disney World


by Vince
(Westfield NJ)


Dear Dad,


I am a huge fan of your site and have you on my Facebook account. I am 42 years old and have been to Disney now 17 times. My son is 6 and he has already been 4 times. We usually go the last week of September or the week after Thanksgiving. As you know, the crowds are thin at best.


Growing up, as a family we always went Easter break for my entire family was in education. Well, to bring everything together, my parents are taking me and my family (3) and my brother and his family (4) all to Disney World for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. The “problem” is that they booked the trip from the Thursday before Memorial Day through the Tuesday after. I saw what you had on the calendar (ugh).


We are staying at the Contemporary. Can you give me an idea of how packed it will be besides what you wrote? I mean… does my son have even a shot at a Splash Mountain Fast Pass or does that get sold out within the first few hours. I think my group of three are in for a culture shock. Thanks!


Splash Mountain during Memorial Day 2012 at Disney World

The Good News Photo by Express Monorail


Dad’s Not so Bad Answer




Wow, what a great time to visit. Memorial Day weekend in 2012 at Walt Disney World will be a nice time to visit. No, Memorial Day Weekend 2012 is not Disney Gay Days weekend. Gay Days in 2012 is May 30 through June 3. Memorial Day is May 28.


It wouldn’t be the end of the world if you are going Gay Days weekend. You can still have a great trip. You just want to zig when the crowd zags. The idea is to be in a totally different park than the celebrants. Their schedule is set. They will be at Animal Kingdom on Thursday, Disney Hollywood Studios on Friday, the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and EPCOT on Sunday. Avoiding the parks on the scheduled days and the culture shock should be kept to a minimum.


There is a more good news about Memorial Day weekend. Yes, the weekend will be busy, but manageable. Check out for more information about daily crowds at the parks. While busy, it won’t be out of control like later in the summer.

Dad’s May Disney World crowds page page

Dad’s June Disney World crowds page


More good news, Splash Mountain won’t run out of FastPasses until late in the afternoon.

Dad’s Bottom Line


Vince, you shouldn’t have to worry about culture shock. Just avoid the Animal Kingdom on Thursday and you should be OK.


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