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Memory Maker CD

by Marcia

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“I read about a option, which is cheaper than the actual photos, but I can’t find out how to purchase it on the Disney site.”

A Memory Maker shot of Hitchhiking Ghosts

The new Magic Shot pictures are pretty cool – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Marcia, part of the Memory Maker package is an archive disk. Now, this is only for people who have purchased the Memory Maker package, that have spent the $179 or $199 … Whatever it costs these days, I think it’s a $179 or $199 depending on when you buy it. It’s for people that have bought the package and annual pass holders. So, if you’re an annual pass holder, you can get this. But, you have to be part of Memory Maker. You can’t as a non-subscriber, you can’t go out and buy the CD.

So, once you’re a subscriber to Memory Maker, once you’ve gotten your Memory Maker all set up, when you open either the app or the PhotoPass website. (It’s very confusing, but the website for Memory Maker is

Once you get in and signed into Photopass, or you’re on the Memory Maker, there is a tab that says products. And you click on the products tab and you can find the archive disk and you can get the archive disk right there on the website. You can order it right there on the website. Now, and it’s like $25, $24.95 or something like that.

You can also if you are a member of Memory Maker, you can also download all of your pictures to your hard drive. I did this just yesterday. I hadn’t downloaded our pictures from our last trip yet, so I went over when I was looking at this question, and clicked on the download button and you know, within three minutes, I had downloaded all of the pictures from our trip. It was just really simple. Clicked one button and they were downloading to my hard drive.

Now, I can use them off my hard drive, I can go to and order prints or whatever service you use. But, I use Walgreen’s because Mrs. Mom is there all the time. So, that’s what we use.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is, if you’re a subscriber or annual pass holder, you have access to get the archive. If you’re not, you don’t.


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