Memory Maker vs PhotoPass

Memory Maker vs PhotoPass

by Dad
(The Office)


Hi. Dad here with Dad's Tip of the Week.

This week I want to talk about the difference between PhotoPass and Memory Maker. A lot of confusion there around PhotoPass and Memory Maker, and I want to talk about when you should use PhotoPass, when you should use Memory Maker.

Okay. Let's start with PhotoPass, because PhotoPass is kind of the overall program. PhotoPass is Disney's photography program. You see the photographers around Walt Disney World, guys with white shirts, the cream colored vests and the cool cameras. Those are PhotoPass photographers. They even have little PhotoPass emblem on their chest. Those photographers are PhotoPass photographers.

The look like this...

A PhotoPass photographer taking pictures

Here's a PhotoPass photographer at work - Photo by Cliff Wang

PhotoPass is the system that takes the pictures, and you can actually buy pictures using PhotoPass. You go to the camera stores, you can go to online at That's where you can look at your pictures and buy your pictures individually or in groups, and get them on cool stuff. Anyway, PhotoPass is how the pictures are taken, and you can buy pictures through PhotoPass.

Now, Memory Maker is a product. It's not a system. It's a product that Disney uses to take all of the pictures taken by PhotoPass, which includes the pictures on the rides, even the videos on the rides. A lot of rides now have videos that are taken that are tied to Magic Bands. So these are all kept in one place on your Memory Maker, and you can download them to your computer if you purchase the Memory Maker product, the Memory Maker package.

Cliff and Ashley in a Magic Shot

Oh, and it includes Magic Shots like this - Photo by Photopass photographer of Cliff and Ashley

It's kind of expensive. It's $169 if you buy it before you go, and it's $199 if you buy it in the park. The thing about buying it in the park is it doesn't start until when you buy it. So if you're already there, you're not going to get anything before you buy it. If you buy it beforehand, you want to buy it at least three days before you go, because it won't start for three days if you buy it in advance, if you buy the advance copy. If you get to the parks and you decide all of a sudden, "Hey, I want Memory Maker," $199. Three days before, $169.

Okay. When you buy Memory Maker you get all of these photos that you would get through PhotoPass, but you get them all together and you can download them onto your computer. You can share it. You can share Memory Maker with your whole family, like The-Man Child and his Southern Belle and the Princess and her Prince Charming and Mrs. Mom and I when we all went a few years ago.

We were all able to download the pictures to our computers. We can take them to anywhere we want and print them off. We don't have to get Disney's slightly overpriced pictures. (Everything Disney does is slightly overpriced.) But we can go anywhere we want. We can print them off on our printers. We can just keep them. We can make them wallpapers on our computers.

PhotoPass, is for when you want to buy individual pictures. When you want to get your picture made at Disney World, just buy one or two pictures, that's when you use PhotoPass.

When you want to get a whole bunch of the whole week or the whole time you're at Disney World, you're going to have a bunch of people together, that's when you use Memory Maker. That's the difference between PhotoPass and Memory Maker.

That's Dad's tip of the week! Bye-bye.



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Aug 17, 2017
by: Daniel

Hi Dad! I find that memory maker is great for people that love to have lots of photografic souvenirs if there trip. If your the type that is OK with just one or two group pictures (like in front of Cinderella Castle) your better off just buying the pictures and not wasting the money on memory maker. It is free for annual passholders.

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