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Mickey’s Backyard BBQ Seating and the Disney Dining Plan

by Kari

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This next question, this is one I’ve struggled with. I have to be honest. Even this morning, we were talking about it, and I’m still not sure I know the answer on this one, but here we go.

We’re going to try it anyway. This one comes from Carrie 00:00:21 in Indiana. Hi, Dad. Can I book category one seating for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ using the Disney Dining Plan?

Mickey's Backyard BBQ

Mickey’s backyard BBQ required you to pay in full at the time of booking – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Carrie, what Disney’s website says about the Disney Dining Plan is that: “The dining plan is accepted at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. Please note, guests who wish to use their Disney Dining Plan for dinner shows must book category two or three seatings.”

One thing that baffles me is there is no category three seating for the Backyard BBQ. There’s only category one and two, and a lot of other… Well, not a lot of others, but there are other sites and other places where I’ve read about category one being on the Disney Dining Plan.

Now, there is a little caveat to that. Mickey’s Backyard BBQ is one of the locations that requires to pay in full before, like at Cinderella’s Royal Table or at Hoop De Doo Review. You have to pay in full when you book the ADR, when you book the reservation.

Dad’s Mickey’s Backyard BBQ page

Can you call? You can’t do it online. You can’t just book it online and say I’m using the Disney Dining Plan. They’re going to charge you full price. The answer about calling is one of those that I can’t find a good answer for.

Can you call and just book without paying full price? I am not sure. I see both sides, that you can and that you can’t. I’m not even going to say which one is true, but this is one of those “pay full price up front” reservations. You’ve got to do that. Then when you get to Disney, you go ahead and get the credits changed over and get your refund for the dinner.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

There’s very conflicting information about this, and I think it probably is … You’re probably able to do that, but I’m not sure. I might use my dining credit somewhere else and pay cash for this one. It’s actually a pretty good deal at 72 a person for the dining plan, for two-credit dining plan. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. The information just isn’t out there anywhere. Disney does say that you can only do category two.


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