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Mid May trip, where to get tickets for Disney and more?

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Hello Dad, I am from México and I would like to take my family to Disney, Universal and Legoland for 4 Days, 2 Days and 1 day respectively, from May 10th to the 20th, 2019 what do you think? “Decent” crowds?

And second question I have is with the tickets ,can I buy the tickets at Disney website? If so how do I actually get the real tickets? I will be in the states until the 10th planing going to the first park on the 11th , what about fast past in advance?

I will be staying in the Holiday Inn Disney Springs (Lake Buena Vista) how can I get tickets? Or should I wait until I get there? I will really appreciate your feedback, thanks Dad.

Sounds Like Quite a Trip

Light crowds on Main Street at Disney World

You’ll have descent crowds – Photo by Cliff Wang

Wow, what a great few days. Disney World, Universal, and Legoland, all in one fell swoop. Can I come along?

I think you’ve picked a really good time to visit Disney World. I don’t keep up with the crowds at the other parks, but they pretty much follow Disney’s pattern.

Crowds will be light to moderate during mid-May. The weekends will be busier with locals especially at EPCOT, but for the most part it will be pretty nice.

Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page

As to where to get tickets, we HIGHLY recommend The Official Ticket Center. Yes, you could grab tickets from Disney, but you can only get Disney tickets from Disney.

Dad’s The Official Ticket Center page

The Official Ticket Center will have discount tickets to Disney World, Universal and Legoland. It’s a one stop shop.

They are located right there in the Disney World area. They will deliver your tickets either to your home or they can even bring them to the hotel.

Once you have your Disney tickets and add them to your My Disney Experience account, you’ll be able to make FastPasses, and since the Holiday Inn in Disney Springs is eligible, you WILL be able to make FastPass reservations at 60 days prior to arrival. You’ll do that by using the Disney World app, or the website.

Dad’s FastPass page

Go ahead and buy your tickets as soon as possible. There will be another price increase soon after the first of the year, so buy them early.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

You are going to have a great trip. Descent or better crowds, should be nice weather, lots of fun. Get your tickets now and beat the price increase.


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