How to Use Mobile Order at the Disney Parks

Mobile ordering. How many of you have tried mobile ordering? I did. I did. I did. A feature on the my Disney experience app called Mobile Order is the new way that you can order food at most, if not all now, pretty much most of the quick service restaurants at WDW.

Dad thinks Mobile Order is pretty cool. Here’s how to use it…

Mobile Order at Disney World

We got to try this out this week a couple of times. The first time was at Aloha Isle. Yes, the Dole Whip place. We rolled into Aloha Isle middle of the afternoon. There was a, the first time I’d seen a line there. There was a line, it was five or six deep at each of the registers and then there was a line to get into one of those lines, so I said, “I wonder if we can do mobile ordering here. I think I remember we can do mobile ordering here.” So, I pulled up my phone, went to My Disney Experience, found Aloha Isle.

Sure enough. Mobile ordering at Aloha Isle. Made my order. About two minutes later, got the notification that it was ready. Walked up, paid. Well, no it’s already paid for. I walked up, they handed me my Dole Whip and I laughed at everybody in line.

How to Use Mobile Order

So, how do you use Mobile Order? It’s really pretty simple. Just kind of went through it. You open My Disney Experience App. You change the top bar to the park you’re in. Enter the area you’re in, or if you’ve got location settings turned on your map is going to show where you are. And up at the top, you go from parks to attractions over and scroll it over to dining and it’ll come up and you’ll be able to click on the restaurant that you’re at.

Say, you’re at Aloha Isle, you click on Aloha Isle and the little information panel comes up and one of the little icons, will say mobile order. You click on that, you go through the menu, you make your order. You click on purchase. Boom. Done. That’s all there is to it.

Now, you can even do this in advance. At most restaurants, there is an advanced ordering function. You can schedule when you’re going to be there and you just tell them I’m there. When you get there, they’ll make your order. .

You also pay for your food when you order on the app. It’s tied to the credit card on your My Disney Experience account. It charges it automatically. Oh, and it does work with the Disney Dining Plan.

Once you order, it’s gonna be two, three, minutes. You’re gonna get a response that your order is ready. You go up, there’s a little banner that shows you where to go pick it up. It says mobile ordering here. You go pick it up and then you stick your tongue out at all the people waiting in line because you just walked right up in front of them.

Just kidding. You don’t do that. That wouldn’t be nice. Okay, I just had to get some humor in there.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Mobile Order is pretty cool. Order and pay on your app, head to the restaurant and pick it up, eat – no waiting required. Give it a try on your next trip!