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Moderate Resort Transportation Options


by Thomas P
(Rose Valley, Pa)


“Good evening. First, thank you, in the past for your help. So far we stayed at Porto Raiser, Side, and Coronado Springs. What resort in the moderate range do you believe offers the best wait times for bus transportation to and from the parks?


Coronado was pretty good, River Side was less than stellar, especially coming back to the resort. I was thinking of Port Orleans French Quarter, but then remembered it shares buses with Riverside. Not that it is an end of the world decision, but is there any moderate resort that is better than the next for bus transportation? We have thought about Uber, but unsure about that as well.


In short, with young kids, that has everything else for the most part, being packed into the bus at the end of the night can be a little less than magic. Do you have any recommendations to offer besides renting a car? I’m all ears and trust your opinion. Disney is so magical. Just looking to see if there’s any advice as to transportation to make it a little more magical. Thanks. Tom.”


The Bus Stop at the Port Orleans

Here’s one of the Bus Stops at the Port Orleans – Photo by Mike Billick


Well, Tom, as we just talked about, transportation, getting a car. Pretty easy to do. The main reason I am not a fan of the Moderate Resorts is the transportation options. They just aren’t there. The bus system for the Moderate Resorts leaves something to be desired. If this Gondola rumor is true, I think that’s probably because Disney is trying to find better transportation options at the Moderate Resorts. The gondola is supposed to go from the Caribbean Beach Resort and Art of Animation/Pop Century into Disney Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, if the rumor is true.


I would guess, as time moves on, if the Gondola system works, then they’ll add Coronado Springs and Port Orleans, and maybe even the All Stars, but we’ll see.


An EPCOT bus arriving at the Pop Century

Sometimes these buses are really full – Photo by Judd Helms


You’re right, being on the buses at night is just not a lot of fun. Right after the fireworks, or after whatever the last show of the night is, it’s just not a lot of fun. You end up standing, holding kids. What are the options?


Well Uber is an option. I agree, I don’t know how good of an option it is. But it is an option. They will pick you up. They will take you to the hotels. It’s a lot more intimate. It’s just you and your family, so you’re not sharing it with a bunch of people. It’s like having your own car with somebody else driving.


I like having a car. I like driving. I like driving myself. We usually get a car when we go just because we like to be in control. I’m a control freak. Imagine that. I like to be in control. That’s why we like a car. The other option, Disney is coming out with their Uber-ish transportation. It’s another rumor. But this one has a lot of backing, lots and lots of people in Orlando are telling me, that Disney has hired and they are training drivers. So look for that to come out any time.


Dad’s Car at Disney World page


Again, that’s going to cost you money. The buses are free. Do you want to spend money? I don’t know.


Okay the other options are, there are a couple other options. You could stay at a Value resort, rent two rooms at the Pop Century for the same price or maybe even a little cheaper. The bus system is a little better. You still got the overwhelming crowds in the busy times, but you also don’t have all of those stops going around the resort. There’s only one stop. Then you get off, and you go to your room.


The other option is avoid the thundering herd. Wait. At the end of the night, instead of running out with everybody else, go to the shops. Wait around. Spend some time just taking in the evening. If the park’s still open, go ride some more rides. Take in the beauty. All the parks are just so pretty at night. Just avoid that big crush. You wait 30 minutes. 30 minutes is all it takes. You go out, and you won’t have that big crush of people on the buses and you might even get a seat. It’ll be a lot better.



Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s bottom line is, transportation at the Moderate Resorts is a problem. Disney knows that. That’s why they’re coming up with all these new transportation options, the rumors we’ve been hearing. Somebody’s been putting these rumors out there. It is a problem. They know it. They’d like to fix it. Right now, it’s pretty much the way it is. You could try a different resort.


Try one of the Deluxe Resorts. Transportations options are much better at the Deluxe Resorts. You still get some crush at the end of the night, but it’s much better. You can try a Value Resort, or you can just wait it out. Wait, let the big crush go, and then go either before or after the big show.


disney world parks

disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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