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Can I add my Mom to my WDW reservations?

My mom has decided to go to WDW with us, can I add her to my dining plan, hotel reservation, character breakfasts, and FastPasses?

Dad Answers

Squirt swimming around at the Art of Animation ResortYou might see Squirt if you’re staying at the Art of Animation Resort – photo by Courtney Reynolds

Hi Kim,


Adding your mom to your WDW hotel reservation is easy. Just let your Travel Agent (hopefully from Destinations to Travel) or Disney know and they can add her right away. That will also get the dining plan (there will be an extra charge). Of course that is if there is space in the room for her.


Now, as to FastPass and dining reservations that’s a whole different story. For dining reservations or character meals, depending on your party size, it might be OK. If you have 3 or 5, etc in your party, it’s easy to add a 4th or 6th, etc.. It’s when you get into those odd numbers there can be a problem. Restaurants have tables for 4, 6, and 8, typically. If your current party size is 4 you will be slotted for a table of 4. If it goes to 5 then you have to be changed to a table for 6 and that might be a problem.


For FastPasses, you might be able to add her to the “slow” rides, but adding her to a busy ride will be a challenge that’s probably not going to happen.

Why I recommend Destinations to Travel

This is one of those reasons I always recommend Destinations to Travel. If you have a Destinations to Travel agent, just let them know what you want (adding mom) and they get to work. They know just what to do and if they have to call Disney several times to get it done they will.


I’m not saying they are miracle workers (well, maybe I am saying that) but they work hard to make sure your vacation is as good as it can be.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Dad’s Bottom Line

Kim, adding mom to the reservation is easy. Adding her to dining and FastPasses is a challenge, but depending on the time of your reservation and how many are in your party it might work.

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