Monorail Resort big family with preteens

Monorail Resort big family with preteens

by Ruth
(Saint Augustine)


Traveling for family reunion with many kids (age 7-16). We are from Florida but haven't stayed at a monorail resort with all 4 kids. The other families are coming from all over US.

Do you recommend Grand Floridian? Polynesian?(read it is your favorite) or Contemporary? Why? We Will need connecting rooms as 2 families have 4 kids each. Would we be better off with suites? Also is lagoon view or Magic Kingdom view better as we are will to pay upgrade.


Dad Answer is a big surprise


As you said, Dad is a big fan of the Polynesian Resort . That being said (here comes the big surprise), for your family Dad would recommend a 2 bedroom condo at the brand new Bay Lake Villas located next to the Contemporary Resort.

Why? Because I said so, that's why. No, really...

There are several reasons -

  • Room size - a 2 bedroom condo is approximately 1,200 square feet where 2 rooms would only be about 900 square feet and the suites in the Contemporary are about the same as 2 rooms.

  • Newness - The Bay Lake Villas just opened in August. The Contemporary Resort opened in 1971.

  • View - You can upgrade to a Magic Kingdom view for a reasonable price (around $100.00 per night). It's a real nice view. Yes, Dad would recommend it.

  • Price - The price is cheaper than 2 rooms in the Contemporary, or any of the suites.

  • Kitchen - Yes, I said kitchen. No you don't have to cook if you don't want to (hear that dear). But you can buy drinks and keep them cool in the refrigerator, you can make your own coffee (save about $10.00 per cup).

  • Washer and Dryer - These rooms have a washer and dryer. You don't have to wash clothes, but is a nice to have them where you don't have to traipse down elevators, across the compound and wait for someone else to get done.

  • Location - as they say in the business it's all about location, location, location. You can actually walk from the Bay Lake Villas to the Magic Kingdom. It's a quick monorail ride to the Transportation and Ticket Center where you can catch the monorail to Epcot.

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Dad's Bottom Line


Your best option is (in Dad's opinion, and that's all that matters here) the Bay Lake Villas.

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