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Morning Plan for EPCOT

by Chris Harrington
(Denver PA, USA)

Is it possible, or realistic, to be at EPCOT at rope drop, hustle over to Test Track, ride it once, then ride it again with a 9:25-10:25 fast pass, exit TT a second time and make it to the Garden Grill for a 10:25 am breakfast reservation? Thanks!

Test Track

Test Track entrance – Photo by Cliff Wang

Dad’s Hustle Answer

Chris, I hope you have a lot of energy in the morning. You’re going to need it to get through your high speed morning. Is you plan possible? Let’s take a look.

If EPCOT opens at 9am, plan to be in the security line no later than 8:45am. That means getting up and out of your room nice and early.

You should be waiting in line to enter EPCOT when the rope drops. Sometimes, they let the crowd in a few minutes early, which is great for you. But if they don’t allow the crowds in until 9am, it’s not a big deal. Wait patiently and remember – you can power walk, but no running!

Let’s say EPCOT allows guests to enter at 9am. If you have to wait a few minutes, lets say you’re in the park at 9:05am. Dad assumes you know the park or have studied the map and know where you’re going. Head to the left of Spaceship Earth, through the breezeway past Electric Umbrella and take a right for Test Track. You should be in line no later than 9:15.

Here’s where it gets tricky. This early in the morning, you could luck out in the line or you could end up waiting longer than the posted time because it hasn’t been updated correctly. So Dad suggests you hit the single riders line (you’ll bypass the interactive portion of the pre-show). Unless it’s Christmas Day, you should wait about 15 minutes tops. Let’s give 5 minutes for the ride and 5 minutes to make it to back to the entrance. That puts you in line with your FastPass at 9:40am.

Test Track

Test Track is pretty cool – Photo by Cliff Wang

With your FastPass, you still might wait 20 minutes which includes the interactive pre-show. 5 minutes for the ride, another 5 to exit through the gift shop. 10:10am.

Now it’s time to hustle to the other side of Future World. Head back to that breezeway, and go straight through, past the Fountain of Nations and through the breezeway on the other side. The Land building is dead ahead. Go inside and down the ramp to Garden Grill. That will take 10 minutes. Putting you at the podium for check in at 10:20.

Whew! That was a bit like watching an episode of 24. But way more fun.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Chris, unless someone in your party has an injury, I don’t see any reason your plan won’t work if you get to EPCOT early and hustle!

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