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Move to the Port Orleans to avoid Pop Warner


by John Eagan
(Buffalo, NY)


Our family of four is taking our yearly trip to Disney World from December 8th through the 12th. We are currently slated to stay at Pop Century but was thinking about switching to Port Orleans French Quarter. Besides a fridge (which we always rent @ the value resorts), the other reason is to get away from the mass of teenagers there for Pop Warner. If you have any thoughts on this I’d be glad to hear them. Thank you.


Should we move to the Port Orleans French Quarter to avoid the Pop Warner crowds?

Should we go to the Port Orleans to avoid Pop Warner Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s that’s a lot of money Answer




This is a toughie. Dad loves the Pop Century. It’s a great hotel. For the money, it’s just about the best hotel at Walt Disney World.

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I’m not a big fan of the Moderate Resorts. I don’t see a lot of benefits (more now that they have queen sized beds). The Port Orleans is a pretty hotel, but it’s a bit spread out and that causes lots of problems.

Dad’s Port Orleans page


That being said, the Pop Warner Championships bring lots of noisy preteens to the All Star Resorts. This year the Pop Warner participants are being housed at the All Stars and the Caribbean Beach Resort (last year it was the All Stars and the Port Orleans). There shouldn’t be too many at participants at the Pop Century.


If you were at one of the All Star Resorts the answer would be a resounding MOVE. Since you are at the Pop Century, I’d stay there unless you just want too.


The Port Orleans French Quarter is a beautiful and normally peaceful place to stay. Problems stem from the distance from the resort to dining and recreation.

Dad’s Bottom Line


John, the bottom line is you have to decide. Is it worth paying twice as much per night for your hotel room just because a few kids might make some noise around your room? That’s something you have to decide. (Kids making noise at Walt Disney World is kind of a normal thing.) If it were me, I’d save my money.


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