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Movies to Watch Before Your WDW Trip

by The Princess

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Hey Y’all! It is my favorite time of the week, giving y’all a trip update. If you have not been keeping up with our blog, here is a short recap: Our family of 7 (Dad, Mrs. Mom, Princess, Prince Charming, the Man-Child, Southern Belle, and T) are going to WDW the week of Thanksgiving. Dad is busy with trips and work, so he handed the planning over to me. It is a lot of work planning a trip for 7 people who live in 2 different states in less than 6 months, plus learning to incorporate traditions, new and old.

hakuna matata

Watching classics like The Lion King is an important part of preparing for a trip!. Photo by Brett Svenson

Disney Movies Night!

Growing up, I am pretty sure we had VHS of every Disney movie from Snow White to The Lion King. We spent our Saturdays laying on the floor watching them over and over again. I loved all the princess movies, I could quote The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, line for line. I still love watching these movies when they are on.

Some children did not grow up getting to enjoy these classics. What a shame! T is one of those children who did not get to indulge in these movies. So, when we were planning the Man-Child decided it was time for him to watch these movies so T could understand our love of all things Disney.

Where to Begin?

Keeping in mind that T is almost 13-year-old, we knew the cartoons might not go over as well. Toy Story is a great movie to watch before going to the parks, so that you can truly appreciate all the work that went into Toy Story Land.

There are a few that need to be seen just for their STORIES; The Lion King and Aladdin come to mind. And since Disney just created live action films of these movies it was a great time to compare the original animated to the new live action film. This a great way to share our love of Disney films with the new member of our family.

Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening soon and will be open for our trip. The Man-Child decided that T needed to see some of the Star Warsfranchise. But which films are the most important to watch? There are so many! You have to watch Episode IV, V, and VI along with VII and VII to get a feel for the new land.

What movies do you suggest watching before a trip to WDW? Leave us a comment or visit our page and let us know.


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